Always Vegan-friendly, Plant-based, Cruelty-free, Eco-friendly, Made in the USA

At Cult of Reason we know you don’t have time for deciphering labels or ten-step routines. As part of the “Slow Beauty” movement, we are dedicated to keeping our products simple and straightforward, with ingredients that are intentional and readable. Most importantly, they actually work. Clean, simple, effective skincare without the fuss. Oh, and our products are gender-affirmative because skin is skin. It’s as simple as that. 

Slow Beauty is a movement in the beauty and skin wellness industry focused on gentle skincare approaches. Slow Beauty products have carefully selected ingredients that are simple and beneficial, avoiding unnecessary fillers. Small batch production may be pricier, but guarantees freshness without oxidation. Cult of Reason is dedicated to producing thoughtful products, the staples on which your regimen is built. 


Esthetician Founded, Woman-Owned

An esthetician with over twenty years of real world hands-on experience, Angela Hugghins’ love of the chemistry of skincare and genuine care for her clients drove her to create a line that challenges the status quo. With Cult of Reason, she cuts through the noise and hype of the skincare world to give people products that are uncomplicated and effective.

With carefully selected suppliers, high quality ingredients and a true understanding of how skin works, she presents a streamlined product line that is transparent and thoughtfully crafted. We hope Cult of Reason makes loving your skin easy.




We’re in this together. Collectively, our individual decisions have great impact. Our serums and liquids are packaged in glass bottles, with glass droppers, aluminum caps and silicone bulbs, all of which can be recycled. We also skip putting our products inside cardboard containers because that’s just excessive.

Single-use plastic is just not where it’s at, so we’re moving toward finding a more sustainable option for our tubes in the future.



All of our packaging components can be easily recycled at typical curbside recycling programs. However, plastic caps can be tricky and not all programs accept them, so please check with your local municipality.



We are committed to treating the environment as kindly as we treat our skin. Our goal is to move toward packaging and shipping materials that are 100% recyclable or reusable, as well as only utilizing suppliers and facilities that limit or offset their carbon footprint.