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Jojoba beads and pumice — what are they and why do I want them in my skincare?

As we witness the environmental repercussions of plastic beads from past skincare products infiltrating our natural waterways, a shift towards sustainable, non-harmful exfoliants is gaining traction within the Slow Beauty movement. Two noteworthy ingredients leading the charge are natural jojoba beads and soft pumice. Let's explore why these alternatives not only make for a superior choice in product formulation but also bring undeniable benefits to your skin.

Jojoba Beads: Gentle and Eco-Friendly

Gentle Exfoliation: Originating from jojoba oil, these beads are crafted by solidifying jojoba wax into spherical shapes with smooth edges. This ensures a gentle exfoliation process, minimizing the risk of microtears or irritation.

Non-Abrasive Composition: With a lack of sharp edges, jojoba beads offer a tactile scrubbing sensation without causing damage, a stark contrast to other exfoliants like ground shells or apricot pits.

Environmental Consideration: Unlike their plastic counterparts, jojoba beads are biodegradable, aligning seamlessly with environmentally conscious skincare practices.

Pumice: Nature’s Gentle Scrub

Effective Scrubbing: Derived from volcanic rock, pumice provides a robust yet gentle exfoliation, making it suitable even for facial skin.

Stimulates Circulation: The abrasive nature of pumice stimulates blood circulation, potentially enhancing the complexion's overall health.

Natural Mineral Content: Pumice's mineral content offers soothing and healing properties, elevating its skincare benefits.

At Cult of Reason, we present an invigorating scrub called Grit, thoughtfully formulated with jojoba beads, pumice, sulfur for bacteria control, and beta-glucan to maintain the skin barrier. A perfect alternative to plastic beads products, Grit caters to all skin types.

Caution and Consideration:

While the benefits of jojoba beads and pumice are undeniable, exercising caution in exfoliation is paramount. Over-exfoliation may result in irritation and dryness. Tailor your exfoliation routine based on individual skin types, ranging from once a week for dry and sensitive skin to nightly use for oily or congested types. It's a sliding spectrum where everyone finds their place on the scale.

Incorporating jojoba beads and pumice into your skincare routine can contribute to achieving smoother and revitalized skin. Explore and purchase the sustainable elegance of Grit by Cult of Reason here. Elevate your skincare experience while embracing a cleaner, greener approach to beauty.


Author: Angela Hugghins, principal esthetician and founder of Cult of Reason.

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