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Q and A with Angela: Help, I have rosacea irritated skin! What can I do about my skin redness?

Q: I have sensitive skin rosacea. How can I address redness and irritation without making it worse?

A: I have many clients with a rosacea diagnosis from their dermatologist. It’s a very common autoimmune inflammatory condition characterized by redness and occasional small acne bumps in the center of the face. One of the hallmarks of rosacea is the intense flush of red in the cheeks after drinking alcoholic beverages, eating spicy foods, and exercise. And on closer look, one might see the capillaries in the cheeks and around the nose, known as couperose skin.

Treating rosacea can be tricky, especially when accompanied by acne bumps because the products normally used to treat acne can further inflame delicate skin. A multi-faceted approach is necessary to treat all of the symptoms of this condition. 

First, cleansing with a sulfur-based product like Grit will help to deeply clean and exfoliate while not harming the easily damaged moisture barrier. Sulfur tends to not exacerbate sensitivity while still encouraging cell turnover in sensitive areas. You get the deep clean without the aggressive drying associated with most other decongesting products. For more on the extraordinary benefits of sulfur, follow this link to a special blog post.

Second, applying a skin barrier restoring product with anti-inflammatory ingredients like licorice and snow mushroom will add the much needed hydration and calming that rosacea skin needs. Quench has you covered with the addition of soothing fermented root radish to keep the microbiome in check. Applying Quench while skin is slightly damp fortifies the sponge-like nature of this product. For more a deeper dive on snow mushroom and its many benefits for the skin, check out this blog post.

And lastly, lock in the hydration with Shield, a light, quick-absorbing skin oil designed to calm and protect via omegas 3, 6, 7 (ultra-rare!), and 9, plus a stable source of vitamin C. Turmeric, rose hip oil, and black cumin seed oils round out the potent anti-inflammatory nature of this golden-hued complexion oil. If you’re curious about the benefits of adding Shield to your regimen, take a peek at this in-depth blog post.

When using the right targeted anti-inflammatory approach to skin care, you can see the positive changes happen in the skin overnight. Consistency with superior products is key, and the Trio Collection by Cult of Reason skincare absolutely delivers on its promise of healthy, radiant skin. Rosacea relief is on the way!

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