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Understanding Facial Skin Types

In the intricate world of skincare, one size certainly does not fit all. Our skin, the largest organ of the human body, is as unique as a fingerprint. To navigate the vast landscape of skincare products and routines, it's crucial to first comprehend the different skin types and their distinctive needs. Whatever your type, Cult of Reason is here for you.

Balanced Skin: #Blessed

Balanced skin is the holy grail of skin types. Neither too oily nor too dry, it strikes the perfect middle between them all. Those blessed with balanced skin often enjoy minimal imperfections, a fine texture, and good hydration levels. However, normal skin still requires proper care to maintain its optimal condition. As a working esthetician I often find that people with this skin type don’t do much to care for their skin, but later in life wish they had started with a simple routine. Adding Quench into a simple skin care routine is a great way to keep balanced skin hydrated without disrupting an already good balance of oils and moisture.

Oily Skin: The Silver Lining

For individuals with oily skin, the battle against excess sebum is a daily challenge however this skin type tends to visibly age slower. Overactive oil glands can lead to enlarged pores and a predisposition to congested pores and acne. Opt for light formulations and products containing ingredients like sulfur and salicylic acid to keep excess oil at bay without stripping the skin. Utilizing both chemical and physical exfoliation is key to keeping skin cell turnover at a higher rate, which equals less pore congestion. A good starting place for this is with Grit, a sulfur/salicylic blend that won’t over dry the skin. Used nightly or every other night helps kill acne-causing bacteria and clear the pores of dead skin cells.

Dry Skin: Thirsty for Hydration

Dry skin craves moisture and tends to feel tight and thin. Harsh weather conditions, hot showers, and certain aggressive skincare products can exacerbate dryness. Incorporating hydrating serums, rich oils, and gentle cleansers (coming soon!) can help replenish and retain essential moisture for a smoother, more supple complexion. The complete moisture power of Quench and Shield, aka The Duo goes a long way to plumping and protecting the delicate nature of dry skin.

Combination Skin: The Balancing Act

Combination skin is a mix of different skin types, often characterized by an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and drier cheeks. Tailoring a skincare routine to address both oily and dry areas can be a delicate balancing act. Choose products that cater to each specific need to achieve harmony across the entire face. The Cult of Reason brand was envisioned for you chameleons of skin types. The Trio of Grit, Quench, and Shield will help to balance and protect combination skin in all seasons.

Sensitive Skin: Handle with Care

Sensitive skin is prone to redness, irritation, and discomfort. It reacts adversely to certain ingredients, fragrances, or environmental factors. Opt for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products with calming ingredients like chamomile (Shield) or licorice (Quench). Patch testing new products is essential to avoid potential reactions. Cult of Reason does not contain fragrances or aggressive chemicals on purpose because it’s our goal to keep sensitized skin cool, calm, and collected.

Understanding your skin type is the cornerstone of effective skincare. As we embark on the journey to radiant and healthy skin, let's celebrate the diversity of our skin types. Embrace the uniqueness of your skin and curate a personalized skincare routine that caters to its specific needs. Cult of Reason is formulated to be a foundational skincare routine for all skin types. After all, a radiant complexion begins with understanding and embracing the skin you're in. 

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Angela Hugghins, Principal Esthetician and founder of Cult of Reason Skincare and Monarch Brow + Facial Studio in Carrboro, NC

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