Cult of Reason Grit has a silver label with serif logo. A dramatic shadow falls across the label and slivers of chartreuse color can be seen behind the skincare tube.

Crafting the Perfect Cleansing Scrub

Have you ever experienced the frustration of finding the perfect skincare product, only to see it vanish from the shelves? I can empathize, as this happened to me when my beloved skin scrub disappeared without a trace. Determined to revive that magical formula and enhance it with clean ingredients and a “slow beauty” touch, my journey began. Let me take you on a ride through the inspiration and formulation process that led to the birth of Grit, a skincare solution crafted with passion and expertise.

The Nostalgic Beginning:

It all started with a disappearing act. The skincare scrub that had been my holy grail suddenly vanished from the market. It was the solution to my unique skin concerns, and its absence left a void in my daily routine. As I squeezed out the last precious dollop of that irreplaceable scrub in the shower, I made a silent promise to myself: I would resurrect this skincare gem, even if it meant creating it solely for my personal use.

Enter Pernox, a pharmaceutical brand that my dad had relied on since the 70s. Introduced to me as a teenager struggling with skin congestion, the scrub became a staple in my daily routine. Yet, around a decade ago, it disappeared from the market, leaving me on a quest for the perfect scrub.

The Birth of a Vision:

In 2019, my determination to revive that long-lost scrub manifested itself in the form of a new project: Grit, initially named Volcanic Sulfur Cleansing Scrub. What started as a personal pet project evolved into a commitment to creating a product that addressed not only my own skincare needs but also those who shared the struggle of finding the ideal solution for their combination skin concerns.

The process of bringing Grit to life was both thrilling and challenging (hello tube and label snafus). Armed with the memory of my favorite scrub I started formulating. The goal was clear: a scrub that not only exfoliated but also nurtured the skin, all while adhering to the principles of clean beauty. Say goodbye to plastic beads and hello to sustainable ingredients that would make both your skin and the environment cheer.

Volcanic Sulfur Cleansing Scrub underwent a transformation, emerging as Grit. The name itself embodies the resilience and determination that fueled its creation. Grit is more than a skincare product; it's a testament to the power of perseverance and the belief that everyone deserves a skincare solution tailored to their unique needs.

The journey from the disappearance of a beloved scrub to the creation of Grit has been a labor of love. It's a story of nostalgia, determination, and the joy of rediscovering radiant skin. As Grit finds its way into the daily routines of those seeking effective and clean skincare, I'm reminded that sometimes, the perfect solution is one you create for yourself.

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